Where in your home would you like to display the artwork we’re going to create for you? That is the first question I will ask you to think about when we begin planning your custom photography session. For some clients, it’s a single grand statement piece and for others it’s a collage of wall portraits or a luxurious album that will tell your family’s story. We can even combine new images with some of your older images. We take the time to discuss your display options and your home decor style and will then create a digital rendering of the art on your wall.

Pre Session Consultation

This is a quick meeting to plan your session including wardrobe, what to bring, the investment/budget and the type of displays that are available. You will be asked to bring photos of the walls in your home where you would like your portraits to be displayed so I can make the perfect collection based on your style.

The Shoot

As a former teacher and mother of three, I know first hand how stressful it can be to have everyone well-rested, in the right mood and having a good hair day on the day of your photo session. I am passionate about creating a fun, casual and relaxed experience to bring out natural expressions and meaningful moments. My hope is that this will be a special family event or celebration, and that the experience of being photographed will be a memory you will cherish as much as the portraits themselves.

The Image Premier & Ordering

A week or two after your photo shoot you will come to the studio for your Image Premier & Ordering appointment. This is a special time set aside to finalize your portrait selections so be sure to schedule a time when all decision makers can be present. Not only will you see a slideshow presentation of your images but we will also use software to render your images onto the images of your walls which will show your portraits to scale. The great service solves the problem of what sizes to order so that there’s no surprises on installation day.

Delivery & Installation

Most of my clients are thrilled to have their portraits installed in their homes. About 4 weeks after your order has been placed, your portraits will be delivered and installed in your home.

Click HERE to see ideas/inspiration for your printed memories.